But that’s changed in modern history. If you look only

  at vetoes since 1972, when Richard Nixon faced a Democratic-led Congress, most

of the vetoes have come when at least one chamber was not aligned with the President.

  Veto overrides, of course, are much more rare than vetoes. There

have been only 111 in the history of the country, and they have impact.

  One of the country’s few impeachments, Andrew Johnson’s, was precipitated by a veto override.

  In more recent history, the Clean Water Act in 1972 and an expansion of the Freedom of In

formation Act in 1974 both passed despite presidential vetoes. The last time an appropriations bill was ove

rridden was during Ronald Reagan’s administration in 1982, according to The American Presidency Project.

  George W. Bush vetoed 12 bills during his presidency and Congress overrode a quarter of them


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