More important, the US is trampling on the existing globa

 economic order, which it incidentally helped establish after World War II. The tech war waged again

st China should also sound the alarm for other countries, too, as it shows the world’s only superpower has

the ability and desire to derail, if not stop, the natural development of technology worldwide.

Confronted with the US’ witch-hunt, Chinese tech companies need to prepare for the long haul, because for all the gun

fire directed at the Chinese high-tech companies, China still lags behind advanced tech powers such as the US and Ja

pan. For instance, only one Chinese company, namely Huawei, figures among the top 50 global companies on the 2018 EU

Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard, a barometer measuring companies’ investment in R&D.

To a large extent, there are still gaps for Chinese companies to fill, because R&D invest

ment says a lot about a company’s short-term financial situation and long-term competitiveness.

Nevertheless, we should take Trump’s conciliatory remarks with a grain of salt. With the ultim

ate goal of maintaining the US’ tech advantages, the Trump administration is expected to more str

ongly prevent Chinese technologies and inventions from entering the US in the long run.

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