“110 Propaganda Days”: People 110 Should Keep

“Call 110 if you are in danger” is a warm statement that confirms the people’s trust in 110. With the advent of “110 Publicity Day” this year,

Yancheng 110 has gone through 23 years with the people. From the initial daily alarm receipt of more t

han 100 to today’s daily average of 5000, under the huge increase in the number of alarms received, all 11

0 people “serve the people” has never changed. Faced with the new expectations of the new era and the improvement of the q

uality and efficiency of 110 receiving and handling police work, Yancheng Police has launched 110 reforms since last year, and made every effort to promote the integration of receiv

ing police areas, business process reengineering and the optimal allocation of police resources, so as to promote the overall upgrading of public security work and better meet the

needs of the people for a better life. According to the survey, the satisfaction rate of receiving and handling police in 2018 reached 95.4%.

“110 is the most familiar and trusted number of the people, and has become the”symbol of peace”i

n the hearts of the people. We should always take the people as the center, actively explore the reform of 110 command and service system, and create a wise, temperate, pr

epared and high-quality people 110.” Wang Qiaoquan, Vice Mayor of Yancheng City and Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, said.

On the evening of March 20, 2018, the merger operation of Yancheng 110 receiving police area was officially launched. Since mid

night on the 21st, Yandu 110 police receiving area has been merged into the 110 unified police receiving area of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. On July 5, the Dafeng pol

ice area was successfully merged. Since then, the large urban area has realized “unified alarm reception and flat dispatch”, which also

marks the first step towards the reform direction of “one alarm receiving area, one service window,

one support platform and a set of operation mechanism” for the whole city’s public security 110.

Referring to the merger of Yandu police area, Gu Yuannian, the commander of the command and dispatch brigade of the Municipal Public Se

curity Bureau, was deeply touched. According to him, with the continuous increase of urban area in recent years, most of the districts

in Chengnan New District are adjacent to Yandu 110, and the streets of Panhuang and Yandu in Yandu District are adjacent to the 110 police di

stricts of the Municipal Bureau. Many citizens living and working in Chengnan and Yandu districts often have cascade connections when d

ialing 110 alarms for help, which will affect their efficiency. Gu Yuannian said that at present, the average daily police response in Yanche

ng City is about 3400, and that in Yandu District is more than 600. After the merger, the 110 telephone alarms in the former Yandu District will be handled by the 110 alarm servic

e desk of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and the command and dispatch will be unified. The

major emergency alarms will be directed directly by the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and the efficiency of receiving and handling the police will be further improved.


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Thailand’s land signing free policy will be extended

According to reports from Bangkok Business News and Bangkok Post, Thai Minister of Tourism and Sports Willasa announced after

the Cabinet meeting on January 8 that in order to stimulate Thai tourism, the Thai Cabinet adopted a proposal to extend the policy of exempting Thailan

d from landing visa fees for three months to April 30, 2019, and said that the extension of the p

olicy of landing signature free of charge would promote the Spring Festival and Thai Water Spring Festival.

The number of visitors to Thailand increased during the period. At present,

the bill needs to be announced in the Royal Gazette of Thailand before it can come into force.

In November 2018, the Thai government announced that from November 15, 2018 to January 13, 2019, Thailand will temporarily exempt

visitors from landing visa fees of 2,000 baht (about 427 yuan) in 21 countries and

regions, including mainland China and Taiwan, China.

On December 16, 2018, Vicky, President of the Thai Tourism Association (ATTA),

said that the Thai Tourism Association had proposed to the

Thai Minister of Tourism and Sports and the Thai Tourism Bureau to extend the

landing signing free policy for three months in order to promote the

extension of the policy until the first quarter of 2019. It is estimated that a

response will be received by the end of December.

According to Thai sources, since November 15, 2018, the number of foreign visitors entering

the airport has increased by nearly 70% compared with the same period of last

year, and by 1-2 times compared with

October before the implementation of the policy: the number of foreign visitors entering Suvarap

airport has increased by 173%; Langman airport has increased by 143%; Phuket In

ternational Airport has increased by 128%; Chiang Mai airport has the largest

increase, reaching 246%. 。 According to Thai media reports, Natapun, a consulta

nt to the Minister of Prime Minister’s Affairs of Thailand, confirmed the news of the extension of the

free landing policy at the Information Office of the Prime Minister’s Office on

January 8 and said that although the extension of the policy

would reduce revenue by 2.14 billion baht, it would further stimulate the

market and increase the consumption of about 6.42 billion baht by foreign tourists in Thailand.

Previously, due to the impact of the July Phuket shipwreck and other accidents, the enthusiasm of Chinese tourists to Thailand has coole

d since late July. Thailand subsequently borrowed the policy of exemption of landing visa fees to pr

omote the growth of China’s tourism market to Thailand. In addition to exemption from land

ing visa fees, on November 21, 2018, the Thai Immigration Bureau announced that the electronic landing visa system in Thailand was officiall

y launched. Visitors from 21 countries and regions, including mainland China and Taiwan, China,

can apply for the Thai landing visa online in advance. From February 15, 2019, Thailand will also

start to apply for an electronic visa. The Thai Embassy in China will be the first embassy to open the application for an electronic visa in the first phase.


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Guangzhou Public Toilet New Regulation: The Number of Ladies

The building area of public toilets in important public places should not be less than 70 square meters. It should be open 24 hours. The

proportion of male and female toilets should not be less than 1:2. The building area of public toilets in urban main and secondary roads,

inner streets and villages is not less than 60 square meters, the opening time is not less than 16 hours, and the proportion of male and female toilets is not less than 2:3.

Yesterday, the Guangzhou Municipal Administration Committee held a press conference, focusing on the preparation

of Guangzhou Public Toilet Construction and Management Code.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Urban Management Committee introduced that the Code was

commissioned by Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences and

Guangzhou Doctoral Institute of Scientific and Technological Innovation. The Municipal Quality Supervision

Bureau held two review meetings to review and revise t

he Code and finally formed a formal draft. The Code is the first local standard for public toilets in China, which is higher

than the national standard and is in line with Guangzhou’s goal of building a “leading global city”.

As the state already has the “Design Standard for Urban Public Toilets” (CJJ14-2016) on the construction of public toilets, ma

nagement standards have been put forward in many places, such as Shenzhen Public Toilets Management Method, Tianjin Public Toilets Management

Method, Beijing Public Toilets Management Method, etc.

Reporters learned that Guangzhou this time put the construction and management of public toilets together

and formulated local standards, highlighting the innovative work.

The conspicuous position of the entrance and exit of public toilets should be set up

Labels for special toilets such as barrier-free toilets

The Code formulates various signs for public toilets, determines the guiding signs according to

the standardization requirements, and specifies the technical parameters for making the signs, specifies the size, color, font and graphics

of the signs, and puts forward for the first time the design requirements for maternal and infant toilet signs,


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Publication of Short Video Management Standards on the

China Network Audio-visual Program Service Association officially promulgated “Management Specification for Network Short Video Platform” on January 9, which st

ipulates that all short videos broadcasted on the platform should be audited before they can be broadcasted, including the title, introduction, screen and commentary of the program.

Title, introduction, barrage and commentary should be audited

“Standard” requires that the network short video platform should actively introduce mainstre

am news media and organizations such as party, government and military organs to open accounts to improve the supply of positive and high-quality short video c

ontent; all short video broadcasted on the platform should be subject to content

audits before broadcasting, including the title, introduction, bullet screen, comments and other content; according to the business scale, synchronously

establish high political quality. A team of auditors with strong business ability. In principle, the number of audi

tors should be more than one thousandth of the number of new short videos broadcast on this platform every day.

Establishment of “List Bank for Uploading Accounts Illegally and Violately”

According to the Code, the short video network platform should establish a “list database of illegal and illegal upload accounts”. Upload

more than three UGC accounts containing illegal content programs and UGC accounts uploading major illegal content programs within a week. The platform

should incorporate its identity information, avatar, account name and other information into the “list database of illegal and illegal upload accounts”. Each network short video platform implements information sharing mechanism

for “illegal and illegal upload account list database”. For those who are listed in the “list of illegal and illegal upload

accounts”, the short video platform of each network shall not open an upload account for them within a specified

period of time. According to the seriousness of the act of uploading illegal programs, the prohibition period of the persons listed in the

“list of illegal upload accounts” is one year, three years and permanent respectively.

Audiovisual works and fragments may not be deleted without authorization

As for content management, the Code requires that the network short video platform should fulf

il its copyright protection responsibility, and should not cut, adapt movies, TV

dramas, network movies, network dramas and other radio and television audio

-visual works and fragments without authorization; do not forward the current political and social news short video programs uploaded by UGC; and do not forwa

rd news festivals that have not yet been verified. Short video programs of current politics and social news uploaded by the first-issue qualified PGC organizations

shall not be transmitted to other countries that have not yet approved the broadcasting of movies, TV dramas, ne

twork movies and TV dramas, and to those of radio and television programs and network programs that have been banned by the state.

Ensure the implementation of the real-name account management system

Specifications for technical management include that the network short video platform should ad

opt new technical means, such as user portraits, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc., to ensure the implementation of the real-name account management system; the network short video platform should establish a minor pro

tection mechanism, use technical means to limit the online time of minors, establish a minor parent monitoring system, effectively prevent minors. Adults are addicted to short videos and other content.


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The Deputy Dean was reported to be derailed by the

January 9 (China Youth Daily, Zhongqing Online Reporter Li Chao) In the early morning of today, Huaiyin Normal University’s offici

al micro-blog announced that the relevant departments have accepted and launched an investigation on media reports of suspected violations of discipline by Li Mou, the Standing

Committee and Vice-President of the Party Committee of the College. The Party Committee of the College asked Li Mou to cooperate with the investigation and deal with them strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations in the next step.

Recently, a whistleblower claiming to be a female graduate of Grade 2014 of the College of Literature submitted a report to the Discipline Commission of the College, claiming that Li Moumou, the vice-president of the

school, had maintained an extramarital affair with him for two years during which he became pregnant and miscarried. Li Mou’s family has repeatedly harassed and abused her, ca

using her to suffer from severe depression. The report letter also includes naked photos of Li Mou-mou, screenshots of social software and other materials.

The letter also said that Li refused to apologize and had no intention of repentance. Instead,

she instructed her family members to insult, threaten and intimidate her verbally, which caused serious distress to her life.

According to the chat screenshot provided by the report letter, the informant had

discussed with Li Momou how to deal with pregnancy. The informer sent a gynecological examination report

from Huaiyin Hospital in Huai’an City to Li Mou to confirm that he was pregnant. Li Mou-mou said in his micro-letter: “Zhongzhao,

consult the doctor about the time and precautions of drug abortion. Wait for me. Don’t panic. ” Another screenshot shows that Li Mou-mou left a message: “Go back and rest, don’t talk to anyone.”


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What happened to Manchester City’s 9-0 Burton?

At 3:45 a.m. Beijing time on January 10, the first round of the 2018/19 League Cup semi-finals continued to

compete, with Manchester City playing against League A team Burton at Etihard Stadium.

In the first half, De Browne opened the scoring with a header, then Gesuz scored two goals in a row, and Zinchenko scored a long shot to widen the score.

In the second half, Gersus twice broke the door and staged four happy performances. Forden

and Walker added to the success of the substitutes. Mahles scored before the end of the game.

At the end of the game, Manchester City slaughtered Burton 9-0. The two rounds will be held on January 24.

There is no record of historical confrontation between the two sides. Manchester City have faced low-level teams in the League Cup nearly 10 times, and they all ended up

being knocked out by their rivals. The last time Blue Moon played League One at home in the League Cup was back in September 2004, when

they washed Barnsley with 7-1 blood. Manchester City’s recent form has returned to winning three consecutive victories in all comp

titions, following the FA Cup 7-0 sweep of Roseham. Burton had just taken Rochdale 4-0 in the League A last week.

In this match, De Browne took the lead, while Gesuz’s partners on the front line, Majeres and Sane, and Aguero were on standby.

In the 3rd minute, Zinchenko shot high.

In the 5th minute, David Silva picked up the forbidden area on the left side of the front field, and De Browne wrapped his hammer into the net. Manchester City made a fantastic start, 1-0!

In the 12th minute, Eggins knocked on the left side and Miles-Hanis pushed his left foot off.

In the 17th minute, on the right side of the forbidden area in Jingduoan’s forward midfield, Mahles volleyed directly with his left

foot without stopping the ball to break the door. The linesman raised his flag to indicate that offside was in the first place and the goal was invalid.

In the 25th minute, Jing Duoan broke the ball and launched a counter-attack. The ball from the left side of the front court of Ressus was transversely cut in and out of the right foot.

In the 30th minute, after Sane’s right Front-court pass from Jing Duo’an, the goalkeeper threw th

e ball into the right side of the penalty area at a small angle and was saved by the goalkeeper. Theresus followed up with the header to score, Manchester City enlarged the score, 2-0!

In the 33rd minute, the score was rewritten again, David Silva’s small forbidden area front was blocked on the left side of the cross

-stroke in the middle, Gersius adjusted the pace of the ball to hit the ball, Manchester City next city, 3-0! uuuuuuuuu

Thirty-sixth minute, Sane’s left front knock, Zinchenko big forbidden area outside the left foot

hanging shot, the ball made a perfect arc after flying into the net nest, Manchester City further expand the score, 4-0!

In the 41st minute, when Sane crossed from the left, Fraser made a mistake in clearing the encircle

ment. Majeres followed up with his right foot to hit the door and was defused by the goalkeeper.

Manchester City were 4-0 ahead of Burton at the end of the first half.

In the second half, the two sides exchanged borders and fought again.

In the 58th minute, the right side of Macheles’forbidden area was selected to pass through the middle, and Ressus followed up with a h

eader to break the goal. Manchester City scored another goal. 5-0! Ressus played a hat trick. Subsequently, De Browne was replaced by youngster Fordon.

In the 63rd minute, the left foot of the Gesuz restricted are

a was blocked, Fordon kept up with the second shot to score, Manchester City continued to expand the score, 6-0!

In the 64th minute, the left side of Sane’s forbidden area struck back in the middle. David Silva put his left foot in and shot high above the beam.

In the 65th minute, the left side of Sane’s forbidden area knocked across the middle road, and Ressus pushed into the net in front of the doo

r. Manchester City scored again, 7-0. Then, Bernardo Silva came on and replaced Sane.

In the 70th minute, Macheles crossed the left side of the front court, and Walker shot through the door. Manchester City further expanded the score, 8-0!

In the 84th minute, Bernardo Silva tapped left side of the front court, Majeres followed the door and pushed into the net, Manchester City scored again, 9-0!

Since then, neither side has made any achievements. At the end of the game, Manchester City slaughtered Burton 9-0, basically locking in the finals.

The two sides are in the lineup:

Manchester City (4-3-3): 49-Muric/2-Kyle-Walker (3-Danilo 74′), 30-Otamendi, 50-Eric-

Garcia, 35-Zinchenko/8-Jingdoan, 21-David-Silva, 17-De Browne (47-Forden 58′)/26-Mahles, 19-Sane (20-Bernardo-Silva 66′), 33-Gesus

Burton (4-4-2): 40-Bradley-Collins/3-Buxton, 6-Ben-Turner, 2-Blackford, 19-Rees-Hutchinson/22

-Benzema, 4-Jamie-Allen (11-Thompere 68′), 7-Fraser (9-Jos Barra 79′), 10-Akins, 16-Myers-Hanis/27-Boyce (12-Undergraduates 68′)


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The broker responded to Zhang Yusuo kissing Wang Chuanjun

Recently, media photographed actors Wang Chuanjun and Zhang Yu kissing in the street after drinking, and they were ridiculed by netizens as “love exposure”.

In response, Zhang Yu’s agent said, “Don’t think too much, two straight men of iron and steel.”

Because “Love Apartment” appeared in the corner of “Guangu Magic”, and later Wang Chuanjun became popular because of “I am not the God of Medicine”.

A few days ago, Zhang Yu gathered with Zhang Yu, who also played the role of “Pharmaceutical God”

and “Yellow Hair” in the film. The media captured a “big-scale” picture of the two men after they were drunk.

Zhang Yu successfully kissed Wang Chuanjun in the street and buried his face in Wang Chuanjun’s neck. They embraced each other affectionately. Their sweet interaction was ridiculed by netizens as “love exposure”.

“True love is gender-neutral,” commented one after another. “What do I see?”

Subsequently, Sina Entertainment called Zhang Yu’s broker, who was surprised by the news and responded, “Both are straight men of iron and steel, don’t think too much.

“They are very close friends in private. It was Zhang Yu who said goodbye to his friend Wang Chuanjun who was going to the film set.

The two kissed each other at the farewell, and the friendship between the two straight men of iron and steel was not a revelation of their love.


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Knights’old generals chopped 38 + 8 Jazz wins

The NBA regular season continues. Today’s NBA matches are more than 11, including the Jazz, 76, the Green Army, the Cavaliers and other

teams are over. Let’s take a look at the performance of these teams and players in today’s game together with the minor editors.Old Knights cut 38 + 8, Jazz Mitchell 30 + 6 + 6 wins the Hornets

The Jazz are challenging the Hornets away today. The Jazz won 14 points in the first quarter, 33-19 points in a single quarter. Although the Hornets recovered 10 points in the second quarter, the Jazz fought steadily in the second half and eventually defeated the Hornets by 119-111. Data: Mitchell 30 points 6 rebounds 6 assists; Gobel 20 points 17 rebounds 4 blocks; Claude 24 points 7 assists; Covol 14 points 1 assists; Lamb 24 points 5 rebounds; Walker 21 points 7 rebounds 4 assists; Williams 15 points 11 rebounds; Parker 20 points 9 assists.

This game, just traded by the Cavaliers to the Jazz’s Golden Sagittarius Covol ushered in the first show, he played 22 minutes as a substitute, 7 shots 5, of which 3 points 6 4, 14 points 1 assists, just joined to play like this, Covol really go to which team are seamless docking ah, and Covol’s joining makes the Jazz team’s 3 points seem to have a bonus, this game Sir. The Cavaliers hit 18 3-points, with a 3-point shooting rate of 45%. In addition to Kovo, the Jazz’s other substitute Claude also played a very good game. He played 33 minutes, scored 24 points and 7 assists in 13-8, 3-point 10, and 6-point 10. He and the two old Cavaliers cut 38+8, of which 16 points and 10 are really strong.

Wal 15, 4 Ubre 10, 2,76 and 8 scored double wins over Wizards

Sixty-six are playing against the Wizards at home today. In the second half, the Wizards still did not make much progress. In the end, 76 people won the game by 123-98, easily.

In this match, 76 people and 8 people scored double, including 5 of Simmons 5 got 13 points, 8 rebounds and 10 assists; 5 of Reddick 12 got 14 points; Butler 11 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 4 steals; Enbid 16 points, 15 rebounds and 3 blocks; Muscara 12 points, 10 rebounds; Shamet 12 points, 4 rebounds; McConnell 15 points; Corkmaz 13 points, 5 assists. On the contrary, Wonderful, the star Wal played for 25 minutes, scored 11 points and 7 assists in 15-4. No wonder no team was interested in him. Ubrey played 23 minutes and scored only 6 points in 10-2 shots. In addition to the two starters, the Wizard also had Morris playing 22 minutes and scored only 2 points in 10-1 shots. 。

Owen 15 11, Thompson 13 + 12, the Green Army 33 points victory over the Cavaliers

The Greens are playing against the Cavaliers at home today. In the first and first half of the second quarter, the Cavaliers can still compete with the Green Army, but at the end of the second quarter, the Green Army suddenly started to take the lead by 10 points. In the third quarter, the Green Army continued to break out, winning the Cavaliers by 19 points in 39-20. In the last quarter, because of the big difference, the competition lost suspense early, and finally the Green Army defeated the Cavaliers 128-95.

Owen was very efficient in this game. He played 27 minutes, 11 out of 15, 5 out of 3 points, 29 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists. Tatum scored 13 points, 4 rebounds; Smart scored 12 points and 7 assists. In addition, Heyward’s performance today was quite efficient, scoring 14 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists in 9 shots and 6 shots. As for the Cavaliers, Thompson was as stable as ever. He played 28 minutes, scored 7 and 4 assists in this game. To 13 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists; 13 points and 12 rebounds in the first half, it is worth mentioning that 12 rebounds and 4 assists are the highest in the Cavaliers; except Thompson, other Cavaliers today’s performance is average, 2 of Osman 8 only 7 points; rookie Sexton 18, 6, 15, 4 assists; new assistant Burks, 15, 6 rebounds and 4 assists.


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Trump Television Address: The Border Crisis has inten

January 9, according to a comprehensive report, at 8 p.m. local time (10 a.m. Beijing time) on 9 p.m., President Trump delivered a national television address on border security at the

Oval Office of the White House. In his speech, he pointed out that the humanitarian and security crisis on the southern border of th

e United States is intensifying. But he did not declare a state of emergency. Trump also blamed the Democratic Party for part of the shutdown of the U.S. government.

The Border Crisis Accelerated

In his speech, Trump first said that the humanitarian and security crises along the southern border were intensifying. He said the immigration problem was “a crisis of the soul, a crisis of the soul”.

He also pointed out that the United States could no longer tolerate illegal immigration. “We don’t have room for them anymore. We can’t send them back to their country right away,” Trump said.

“All Americans are hurt by uncontrolled illegal immigration,” Trump said. Illegal immigration strains public resources and reduces employment and wages.

This is Trump’s first speech in the Oval Office since he took office in January 2017. Major American television media, including ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News and NBC, agreed to broadcast the speech.

In his speech, Trump also shifted the responsibility of closing the government for 18 days to Democrats. He said that if his political opponents gave in to his demands for border funds, the problem could easily be solved.

“There is only one reason for the closure of the government: the Democratic Party will not fund border security,” Trump said in the Oval Office. Democrats expressed support for strengthening border security measures such as technology, but refused to support the establishment of border barriers.

Trump said he would resume talks with Democrats on the 9th. “This situation can be resolved in 45 minutes of meetings,” he said. “I’ve invited congressional leaders to come to the White House tomorrow to finish the job.”

No State of Emergency was declared

In addition, because Trump had previously said that he would not rule out building the wall by declaring a state of emergency, bypassing direct funding from Congress. Therefore, whether Trump’s speech will declare a state of emergency has become the focus of attention. However, Trump did not declare a state of emergency in his national television address.

Speaking in the Oval Office, the President described the border issue as a crisis and condemned the crimes committed by illegal immigrants. But he did not declare the incident a state of emergency, although it might allow him to fund the border wall he promised without congressional approval.

Trump has publicly considered such a move in the past few days, and the Office of the White House Legal Adviser is still assessing its legitimacy.

On the contrary, Trump said he would continue negotiations with Democrats at the 9 th meeting.


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What’s wrong with train stoppage in blizzard weather? 21 trains on

Spring Festival is approaching. Some people pack their bags early and are ready to embark on the journey home. However, if you want to take a train to Anhui, Jiangsu and other directions these days, you should pay attention to the travel reminders of the railway department.

According to Hangzhou Railway Station, due to heavy snow in central Anhui and southwestern Jiangsu, Hangzhou East-Jinzhai G7564 and Jinzhai-Jiangshan G7371 on January 9,

Luan-Wenzhou South G7575, Wenzhou South-Nanjing South G7630, Hefei South-Jiangshan South G7691, Jiangshan-Hefei

South G7692, Hefei South-Wenzhou South G7681 and Wenzhou South-Hefei South G7682 were suspended.

Railway Shanghai Bureau Group announced that some trains, including four trains at Beijin

g South Railway Station, will be suspended due to the snowstorm. They are Luan, Hongqiao to Beijing South and Hongqiao to Shanghai and Hefei South.

According to the circular, in view of the possible impact of the blizzard, China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd. suspended some trains on Jan. 9. At the same time, it paid cl

ose attention to the changes of heavy snowfall, and timely adopted measures such as shutdown, suspension, speed limit, circuitous, r

eturn, opening and resuming operations to dynamically adjust the train operation plan to ensure passenger travel safety.

Railway said that passengers who have purchased the above-mentioned parked train tickets can go to the refund window of the station with their tickets within 30 days after the par dat

e (including the same day); passengers who purchase tickets on 12306 website (12306 mobile client) and have not yet collected tickets can directly refund tickets online, which brings inconvenience, please understand.


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